Notify customers about
current discounts and promotions

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Add sticky bars to your
site with just a few clicks

Attract more attention to promotions
and special offers,
boosting sales
and building customer loyalty

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  • Installation
    takes a few minutes

  • Create and customize banners
    without writing a single line of code

  • Stable across
    all browsers

Install WEBSET once and add
banners and sticky bars to your site
for any occasion without writing
a single line of code

Not just a banner.
A marketing multi-tool.

Simplify your
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Optimized for
any screen

Your banner will look perfect on any device.
From wide-screen monitors to mobile phones.

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Built-in analytics

You'll have easy access to valuable insights about how many users have viewed your banner, interacted with it, or clicked on it. Detailed statistics are available for daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns. Analyze the effectiveness of your banners effortlessly.

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Effective targeting

Easily configure banner targeting based on country, device, visit count, and many other behavioral factors. Combine them to create tailored scenarios. Convert visitors into buyers with targeted banners for each category of goods or services.

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Dynamic content

Need to display the current user's name, balance, or any other site-specific information in the text? It's simple!
A personalized approach can boost your sales by making each user feel truly valued.

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Multilingual support

Is your site visited by people from different countries? No problem! You can quickly and easily define translations for any displayed text into the languages you want.

Comprehensive options for
exterior customization

for every taste

In a user-friendly editor, you can create
eye-catching and functional sticky bars
without a designer or programmer
and add them to your site in a few clicks

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