Everything you need on site
in one floating button

Key communication channels and more are combined
in one convenient button → making it easier to contact you
and increasing the number of inquiries and sales

  • Installation
    takes a few minutes

  • Create and customize floating buttons
    without writing a single line of code

  • Stable across
    all browsers

Flexible customization
of appearance and behavior

floating button widget variants
Your unique style

Select the perfect icons, colors, background, sizes, and shapes — everything is fully customizable to align with the unique style of your site.

floating button widget position
Display anywhere

Choose the perfect location for the widget and customize the display mode of the buttons. Decide whether they will be visible immediately or appear after a click, expanding either vertically or horizontally. You have the control to optimize the widget's form for maximum effectiveness in capturing visitors' attention.

Engaging mechanics

Engagement →
contact → sale
floating button widget CTA label
Engaging caption

Add a short caption next to the button and customize its appearance. This text can function as an additional call to action or convey important information, enhancing audience engagement.

floating button widget animation
Attractive animation

Set an attention-grabbing animation that starts at the right moment and repeats at your chosen frequency.

floating button widget CTA indicator
Notification badge

Add an "unread notification" badge next to the button to encourage users to take action.

Not just contacts

To solve
any task

In addition to social media and contact buttons, set up buttons
for any actions crucial to your business: link clicks, feedback submissions,
add to cart, and much more. Our widget enables all this,
bringing you maximum benefit. 👌

widget donut
widget floating button feature

Built-in analytics

You'll have instant access to comprehensive statistics about your buttons: track how many users viewed and clicked them. Detailed reports are available daily, weekly, and monthly. Effortlessly analyze the performance of your buttons to optimize engagement and drive results with our powerful widget.

widget floating button feature

Effective targeting

Easily set button targeting based on the page, device, visit count, and more. Create personalized scenarios to convert visitors into buyers with custom buttons for each page and product category. Reach the right audience at the right time for higher engagement and sales.

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Multilingual support

Is your site visited by people from different countries? No problem! You can quickly and easily define translations for any displayed text into the languages you want.

Summing up...

In a simple editor, you can create
functional floating buttons without the help
of programmers and designers
and add them to your site in a few clicks

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